Mufti games was founded in 2013 by Malcolm Hamilton and Simon Day. The Parlour Showrooms offered an invitation “if you had £50, 2 hours and a shop window, what would you do?” (or words to that effect) Malcolm very nearly scrapped the idea of a lifesized game of hangman but luckily Simon saw the potential in the nonsense and they forged ahead. The show was a success and after receiving development support from Bristol Old Vic Ferment, L_ve Hangman was born.

MASSIVE BATTLESHIPS came next- from the mind of Simon. After much testing, we got backing from the brilliant people at Wild Rumpus and secured a place on the Northern Festivals Network menu. With funding from ACE and BCC we created the show and have since played with over 2000 people.

Over the years we have made play projects to connect audiences with ideas- from exhibitions to fly-tipping to entire theatrical seasons and we’re always on the lookout for more, so if you want to connect with your audience in a fun, playful way get in touch!