Redcliffe Play on the Green

Malcolm visited Redcliffe Childrens Centre’s Play on the Green event yesterday.

He took along Mufti’s ‘Trash-buchet’ a catapult which fires rubbish into miniture commmunal bins.

The Trash-buchet and mini communal bin targets

The Trash-buchet and mini communal bin targets


Trash-buchet has been made for the Transforma-bin project by our designer, Bec Prior

He invited a group of children to play with the game and they took to it like ducks to water!

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They started off firing beanbags labeled with various waste items (food waste, newspapers, bottles) and clearly knew which rubbish went where! Thanks to Keir for supplying the materials for the bins and the beanbags. They then went on to fire a variety of items from around  the green, experimenting with weight, distance and power. It was a really fun afternoon and I look forward to playing Trash-buchet with more young people soon.

On my way home, I bumped into a group of neighbours in Easton and they also got a go on Trash-buchet, They played for a long time on our street and made up new point systems based on skill and distance. They also interviewed each other with our audio recorder and we talked how the game could be improved and about recycling. I’ll post an except soon.




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