A colossal play event for young and old, rooted in ancient Rome.

Challenge your inner Centurion, playing 3000 year old board games and take part in Gladiatorial  “ROCK PAPER SCISSORS  (to the death!) in our ‘Mini Colosseum’!

Game boards and pieces were found all over the empire. Using the research of RC Bell and other eminent historians we have recreated the games with beautiful, tactile design.

“it was different to anything I’ve ever played before” – player in Stratford Upon Avon

Our brilliant  Mini Colosseum playscape is brought to life by you the players. The public recreate the anticipation and excitement of ancient Rome, conducted by our expert facilitators.  Our theatrical battles cause a megalithic stir bringing laughter and drama to your street.

ROMANS! also features knucklebones, dice games and areas for younger players to make up their own games.

Originally commissioned by the Royal Shakespeare Company for their Rome MMXVII season.

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“The roman games is really great idea, its good for children obviously and its also different levels of games so children and adults can play together, its really good, makes the day” -Clara from Stourbridge

Game design by Malcolm Hamilton

Photos by Jack Offord