One Kid and Their Dog

Sports Day meets Sheep Trials in Mufti Games’ new interactive show for high streets, green fields and shopping centres, inspired by the much-loved TV show of the same (ish) name.

Sheep are on the loose! Only the shepherds and their hapless sheepdog Patch can prevent certain chaos.

Your festival site becomes our playing field, your street furniture our obstacle course in this physical, cooperative game for younger children and their families.

One Kid and their Dog draws on age old traditions of playground and street games, encouraging people to play together over wide spaces.  

Made for the silly sheep and straight-laced shepherd in all of us, with opportunities to join the lost flock and for young farmhands to take the reins, One Kid and their Dog provides a hilarious chance to play with playing-by-the-rules.

production pack

One Kid is a brand new game from Mufti, commissioned by Bradford Festival and Strike a Light Festival. Get in touch to find out more……

Credit: Paul Blakemore

One Kid and Thier Dog is kindly supported with a project grant from Arts Council England

 Sound powered by Minirigs
Original concept Simon Day, Malcolm Hamilton and Brook.
Directed by Paschale Straiton, devised with Kim Heron, Katie Storer, Adam Blake, Emma Keaveney Roys and Linzy Na Nakorn. Contraption by Pod Farlow and costume design by Hilary Statts. Thanks to Tomasin Cuthbert for R&D design and support. Thanks to We the Curious, Pervasive Media Studio, IgLab (Free Ice Cream) Whitehall Primary School, Strike a Light, Theatre Orchard and Bradford Festival.