for Bristol2015

In 2015, Bristol became the first place in the UK to be awarded European Green Capital status. As part of the city’s celebrations, 14 unique community inspired projects were commissioned for each of its Neighbourhood Partnerships. Mufti Games with Baggator Young People’s Project successfully pitched to Ashley, Lawrence Hill and Easton Partnership to create a fun project highlighting issues relating to household waste, fly-tipping, and recycling in the local area.

Over the summer Mufti’s Malcolm Hamilton, together with designer Becky Prior, got busy talking about, inventing and playing games in Easton before rolling out a Fly Tip Fun Fair, a collection of rubbish-themed street-games created with young people, together with Mufti Games’ own contribution, the Transform-a-Bin: a communal bin converted into a playable games station.

Watch a video about Transform-a-Bin and our game inventing workshops

Bristol’s communal bins came up time and time again in our research into fly-tipping and anti-social waste: they’re emblematic of a cycle where by solving one problem, you cause another. We also became really interested in how something communal can become a problem for the community, how something for everyone becomes a big problem hiding in plain sight. We wanted to draw attention to this, by turning something unloved, abused and ignored, into a fun place to gather to play a game,encouraging us to see our neighbourhoods and our waste in a different way.




After its tour of fly-tipping hot-spots, to Stapleton Road’s Make Sunday Special and Baggator’s Fun Palace, The Transform-a-Bin is now a playable exhibit at Create Centre, Hotwells, Bristol. Pop along to play!