How to play your flyer!

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The back of the flyer is a Three Mens Morris board. Three Mens Morris is thousands of years old. It was played by the Romans and was likely played much earlier. The writing of R C Bell is an excellent place to start if you’re interested in ancient games.

How to play Three Mens Morris.

2 players.


  • Each player has three pieces: use Polo’s vs Rolo’s; 1p’s vs 2p’s, or cut out shapes from another flyer. 
  • Choose who will play first, according to your own tradition.
  • Take it in turns to lay out your pieces, one at a time on empty spots.


  • To make a MILL (three-in-a-row) –  in  a straight line or diagonal.


  • Once all pieces are on the board, players must move one piece each turn.
  • A piece may move along any line to an adjacent empty spot.
  • A piece may not jump other pieces nor move more than one spot.
  • Really good players can make this game go on forever!
  • An alternative version of this game is called NINE PINS- it is set up in the same way, but you may move or jump to any empty spot until you get a MILL

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