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Transforma-bin Workshops

Transforma-bin Workshops


Aged 11-18? Come to our Game Inventing workshops at Baggator Young Peoples Project. Spend a week with a professional game-maker and designer, experimenting, inventing, and making games and playable contraptions.

‘Make Sunday Special’ on Stapleton Rd on 23rd August.




8th-21st August 12-4pm

Make Sunday Special 23rd August


 Baggator Young Peoples Project, The Pickle Factory, 13 All Hallows Rd, Easton,

Bristol BS5 0HH

£2 per session, £5 for whole week

To get involved or find out more, contact us

The Trash-buchet and mini communal bin targets

The Trash-buchet and mini communal bin targets


“Every country, all kids play the same”

Full Circle

Today I visited Heroes Women’s Group which takes place every Thursday at Full Circle Family Centre in St Pauls. I went to talk to them about their memories of play for our Transforma-bin project.

Sood, Angela, Fatima and Belinda told stories about playing in fields, round blocks and up and down stairs. We talked about the differences in play now and what obstacles prevent outdoor play. We talked about free, unorganised play and more structured team games.  We were also lucky to be joined by Soloman who was on work experience. There was much said about video games being a barrier but we also talked about their benefits- how ‘you can be in your own world’. There was a wish for more local green space available to “roll down and stare up at the sky”. The group also feel that young people should be able to access sports teams in St Pauls- particularly Basketball. It was a really enjoyable afternoon and I look forward to talking to more groups about  memories of play.

You can listen to a short snippet of the group talking about wink murder and other games here:


If you are part of a group in Ashley, Easton or Lawrence Hill and you would like to share your memories for this project, please get in touch.